Stan & Alyssa

Des Moines Wedding

It takes some pretty amazing people to be brave enough to host their own wedding, at their own home. This one though, was extremely way more stunning then I imagined. I am a total fan of intimate wedding days that are personalized as much as possible, so I was pretty ecstatic when Allie and Stan wanted to meet and discuss their country home wedding vision! We only met a few months ago, but they’ve instantly been two of my favorite couples out there. They are both super sweet and laid back, always with a smile on their face. They had recently moved out of the city limits to a quiet farmhouse they adore, and knew it was the best idea to invite their very closest friends, and their family to just have an awesome wedding festivity gathering! 🙂

These two are a complete match made in heaven. You can tell when you see it. And you can REALLY tell if you know them. Last year, they were blessed with the most beautiful and joyful daughter EVER. I don’t know how a second baby could ever top their sweet girl. But they should totally try it…because…#cutebabies. 😉

Allie and Stan, thank you SO much for opening up your lives and home to me and letting me capture this special day for you. You all did an AMAZING job, along with all the extra hands you got from family and friends! This property is always going to have a surreal meaning to it now and you’ll be able to look out your kitchen window for years to come and smile at all the memories that were made in your back yard!   Cheers to you three!

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