Jake & Hannah

Des Moines Wedding

WHERE do I even begin?

Jake and Hannah are beautiful people. Ever since we met, I knew this was a wedding to look forward to. After the blast we had during their engagement session last fall, I was just that more thrilled to be able to document their first day of forever together.

Jake and Hannah met at UNI during college a few years back, and he was smitten with her, basically immediately. I mean, who wouldn’t? Hannah has the brightest, and sweetest spirit. She loves those around her strongly and genuinely, and maybe that’s what first caught his attention.
Jake is that guy that could be anyone’s friend. Such a laid back person, full of life, always up for an adventure or good round of laughs. Together they pulled off a STUNNING wedding day with the best people at their sides.

This was definitely one of my favorite days to shoot. Not for the sweet ceremony, the gorgeous reception, or the stunning details, but because there was NEVER a dull moment. The ladies were SO relaxed and supportive all day. Seriously, Hannah has the best girlfriends ever. She knows it!
The reception was full of life and energy ALL the way up to the end. And it was epic!
With a live performance from The Pork Tornadoes band that entertained every single guest, it was sure to be a good night. And it did not disappoint. Hannah and Jake were so ecstatic to finally be married, and to have such a perfect evening to enjoy dancing and drinks on the patio of the Jester Park Lodge with the best people in their lives. And really, thank you so much for inviting me along for the ride! Your guests were SO sweet to me, thanking ME for being there. You can all just follow along with me to every wedding after this!

Hannah and Jake, I congratulate you completely on your love! You two are incredible people, and I wish you the best of life together as you live strongly and love like crazy! Enjoy this little peek from your amazing day!


Dress: Bridal Elegance
Tuxedo’s: Halberstadts Men’s Clothier
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Florals: Bella Flora
Venue: Jester Park Lodge
DJ/Band: The Pork Tornadoes
Caterer: Christiani’s 
Programs: Etsy
Desserts: Scratch Cupcakery
Rings: Josephs Jewelers
Marquee Sign: Bright Designs

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