Stephen & Kelsey

Des Moines Wedding

Stephen and Kelsey couldn’t have asked for a better day to have been married. The weather was perfect. Spirits were high. Emotions were exposed. It was all so wonderful! They were blessed to have an outdoor wedding on the beautiful grounds of The Barnes Place in Adel.

Kelsey had a smile on her face the entire day. While getting ready in the morning with her high-spirited, giggly girlfriends, to the emotional first look with her greatest love. She was a breathtaking bride that graced through the entire day with calmness and joy.  Stephen showed every single guest there how humble and grateful he is, that Kelsey’s path crossed with his in the first place. With his tear jerking vows, you could almost visualize the memories that flowded over them suddenly from the first meet to the continuous, growing love that they share. There was hardly a dry eye as Stephen’s dad helped perform the ceremony and shared the joy he has for the amazing man his son turned into, and the newest daughter he has the priviledge of accepting into his family.

The two, with their crowd of family and friends, danced the night away to some incredible and fun music from Mike and Andy Dueling Pianos, which kept the spirits still high late into the evening.

Kelsey and Stephen, your love for each other was so evident on your wedding and I was honored to witness it. It was maybe the first time I had to choke back tears a few times. I hope you guys love this preview from your day and continue to love on each other and serve the other! *Cheers*


Wedding Dress: Pure Bridal
            Suits: Skeffingtons
            Flowers: The English Rose
            Entertainment: Mike & Andy Dueling Pianos
            Cake: Bev’s Cakes
            Desserts: Little Blackbird Bakery
Rings: Jareds

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