My little hobby taking photos of flowers and sunsets back in 2004 wasn't intentional practice for capturing memories of hundreds of families and couples, but here we are! A hobby turned into a desire for more, which turned into a career. I am so grateful you are here to see what I'm all about, and hope it's the start of a great relationship. 

If I had to answer what sparked this desire, maybe it was the big move...

How my desire sparked...

My family grew up in the country of central Iowa, and at the age of 14, Dad announced we were moving to Kansas.  Packing up a house that raised ten kids was quite the job, and I was set with the task to go through that overflowing cabinet of photos . I can't even explain accurately HOW many photos there were just spilling out of those film-developed envelopes, but I have to say it was SO SO many..
As I sat there for days, labeling the back of EVERY photo and placing them in the appropriate box afterwards to stay neat for the move, I was taken back in time to the memories I remember at four years old. I was taken back to moments I didn't even remember, or moments of my parents growing up and getting married. I soaked it up, and every photo is now engraved in my memory. 

I was taken back to moments I didn't even remember...

I wasn't aware at the time how it made an impact, but I WAS aware how much I loved the ability to look at an image and feel like I was there. There's magic in a photo, and I wanted to create that. 
Now, after years of photographing other people, I refuse to only focus
on just "taking a pretty picture". 
The magic comes in the memory you have when you look back on that image,
so my goal and mission has become exactly this:

To create the experience that encourages life and emotion to be captured exactly how it is. That way when you look back on that stunning print, your mind is flooded with that same, nostalgic feeling as if you were living in that moment once again. 

There's magic in a photo, and I wanted to create that. 

Freezing moments in time since 2013

Quick facts about me: 
I officially committed to this career in 2015 and able to go full time in the fall of 2017! 

I'm married to my teenage crush since May of 2021...together we're passionate entrepreneur's, dreamers of owning lots of land and just trying to enjoy life in the present moments.

We're both from big families and lovers of Jesus!

When I have a weekend off, you can find me decluttering, planning a day's bike ride, camping, or simply just enjoying a day at home without any priorities!

Professional Aunt, Light Chaser & Espresso Fanatic