Des Moines Wedding

Shannon and Joe were a fabulous couple to close out the years wedding season. It’s been a joy to know them both and capture the love they share! To me, both are more reserved and laid back, like myself. They’re just so sweet to each other and also anyone around them. Even from seeing them […]

Jan 21, 2020


The unique, large veil was handed over, and moments later you heard a snip. And then another snip. Why would someone cut up a veil?! Especially on your wedding day? It was a super special moment, for both mom and daughter. Mom was sacrificing her heirloom veil, just cutting off some beaded parts from her […]

Jan 18, 2020


They were graced with a beautiful day in Des Moines, Iowa. Despite the chilly wind that presented itself,  you couldn’t have asked for a more crisp, fall day. Ross and Amy were so anxious to see each other on their wedding and get marriage life rolling! It looks so good on them. We planned out […]

Jan 10, 2020


What started out as a rainy morning, turned into a perfect October afternoon with some sunshine and just a slight chill. Sarah and Cory have turned into one of my favorite couples that I hold to my heart dearly. Their love for each other is evident and reminds me of the patience and admiration that […]

Jan 8, 2020


Lori and Andy were blessed with a beautiful day in West Des Moines for their wedding! I’ve enjoyed getting to know them over the last year or so and quickly realized that they adore being together. They bike and travel a LOT, and in small ways incorporated that into their wedding. Lori couldn’t hide her […]

Oct 4, 2019


the list

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