Chris & Kenzie

Des Moines Wedding

These two had a beautiful, fall day for a wedding. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Kenzie and I grabbed dinner earlier this year to disuss her vision for their wedding, and just simply to get to know her more as a potential client. We had a blast shooting their engagement shoot in the heart of downtown later on when Spring hit home. As a couple, Chris and Kenzie complete each other thoroughly, and I have loved seeing that the few times we’ve met!

Their wedding was filled with so many mixed emotions, that every single person felt. As she slipped into her dress that fit so perfectly, with her ‘something blue’ patched delicately to her lower side, you knew he was looking down smiling. Not just at all the beautiful ways that his memory was incorporated into the day, but smiling at the gorgeous, genuine woman he had raised from birth, who now had an amazing young man right there to love on her for life.
There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as she was escorted down the aisle by her mom and brother, with her groom trying to choke back his own emotions as she glided closer to him for the first time that day, a moment he had envisioned for a long time.

Your wedding was so beautiful, and only needed one more person there to make it perfect. But despite that, I pray you two make these years together the best you can, as you two are made for each other. It was an honor to be there on this day, and I’m so grateful you allowed me to share in this special event!

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