Spencer & Alyssa

Des Moines Wedding

I met these two when we weren’t even sure if their wedding date was in my availability still, but Alyssa was just so enthusiastic about everything, I had to meet her!
Obviously, it worked out for the better and I’m so grateful.

Their wedding day was SO fun and such a memorable one! A beautiful October day up in New Hampton, Iowa, they were married in the same church as other family members had been, and chose to keep that tradition going! It was a stunning sanctuary with lots of character and beautiful age to it.

The whole day in fact was full of character. From her carefully chosen accessories, to the classic model cars, and from popping champagne to dancing the night away!
Spencer’s cool and collected personality and Alyssa’s spunky and outgoing one are a perfect match, and I love watching them as a couple!

Thank you SO much to the both of you for trusting me to capture your wedding, and I can’t wait to get the rest of these to you very soon!


Florals: Blue Iris

Shoes: Zappos

Dresses & Tuxedo’s: Weddings By Design

Invitations: Vistaprint

Rings: Jared & Greenburg’s Jewelers

Second Shooter: the beautiful Laura


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