Michael & Susan – Simpson College


I believe the first thing I thought of Susan and Michael was how much they actually look like siblings. And I honestly believe they are a match made in heaven. Most couples start to look like each other maybe five years down the road? But it is very evident that these two are completely best friends. They do LIFE together and keep each other in it every moment of the way. They laugh together, probably cry together, and love each other whole-heartedly.

I have been SO excited to capture their wedding since we first met and it was just the perfect day. Even on a steamy summer afternoon on Simpson Campus, they kept it light-hearted and laughed with their best and closest friends the entire day! It made for a smooth “work” day and we captured some great photos.

These two have had a busy life but a good one, and I honestly wish them the very best marriage! Congratulations to the both of you!


Second Shooter: Victoria Cory

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