Tanner & Kimberly – Stoney Creek Lodge


When I first met these two, we sat at Starbucks in Ames and talked QUITE a while. Actually….Kim and I were the only ones chatting for about an hour before Tanner got off work and exhaustedly drug himself to our table. The poor guy, completely beat from his day, committed to his duties as fiance and joined us even though he could have chose not to.  I’d say those moments were a good hint of how lucky Kim is to have found a hardworking and loving man, and how lucky he is to have such a beautiful, spunky, and life-filled woman.
We all talked and laughed and schemed ideas for their wedding that day, and they quickly became two of my favorites and for the past year and a half I have been WAITING for their big day.

Both the guys and girls enjoyed the morning getting ready and having a blast while doing so. The guys were treated to a homemade feast for breakfast while the ladies were treated to getting glammed up over at the Talking Heads Salon.
I have to mention Kim and Tanner have been together for many years, even though they are still so young!
They’ve really and honestly been through life together already, and it was so evident with all the emotions going on. It was SO great to witness.
They are such a FUN couple with friends who are all a blast to be around. I can’t say enough great things about these two so maybe I’ll just stop and show off some photos of their cuteness. 🙂
Kim & Tanner, you both are so great. I love you. And let’s keep in touch! Cheers to your new stage of life together!

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