Jerry & Amber – The Barnes Place


Even on a rainy and surprisingly cold spring day, all spirits were high and excitement was growing because everyone has been WAITING for them to get to this point in life together. No rainy day could tear it down, and with so many family and friends around, how could it?

I had the priviledge of starting my wedding season with a couple that I couldn’t have asked to be any more perfect then they are together. Actually..sorry…no couple is perfect; but the way she smiles at him is perfect, and the way he glances at her is perfect. Something most people might spend a lifetime lookng for. How you found each other is beyond me, but one day your kids will be asking how you knew the other was “the one”. And only you can give that answer. Only you have that strong bond of love that may be unexplainable, but strong enough to keep it alive for years so others can see and want the same.

You will be able to look back at these memories, remembering how you felt this day. You’ll see those little quick moments that were captured when you looked towards each other without knowing how much in love we could all see in those eyes. You’ll see how Amber felt when she opened the adoption papers to get a little furry puppy (maybe look at that photo in a few months when it poops on your new carpet). 😛
I am forever grateful I was able to witness it and to get these memories paused for you, and hipe you cherish them forever! *cheers*

Venue: The Barnes Place
Flowers: As You Wish Floral
Second Shooter:  the beautiful Tori Cory
Videographer: Harding Videography
Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your MuMu

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