Gustavo & Jenna

Des Moines Wedding

My oh my. Where do I even begin?! This post is truly just a small glimpse of the BEAUTIFUL wedding day that graced this amazing couples life! So many memories captured makes me SO thrilled to delivery this gallery soon to Jenna and Gustavo.
It can be rare to come across a bride with complete peace and relaxation while she’s getting ready to meet her Groom and prepare for their ceremony, but Jenna was ALL smiles, laughs, and whistles from the moment I walked into the salon. Exactly how it should be! Their wedding day was so put together to give them complete ease so they can worry about nothing and be in the moment. And they WERE! With her many girlfriends at her side, she was fully supported and taken care of. Ladies, you were amazing!

Gustavo and his crew of men were so great as well! They filled every room with so much enthusiasm and laughter! It was truly such a cool group of people to be around all day. Jenna and Gus definitely have some of the most amazing people in their lives, but I know they know this!

I’ve been looking forward to this day as well for quite a while. When Gustavo traveled to the US for school and work, who predicted such a stunning woman to sweep him off his feet?! They are such a perfect match and one of the sweetest couples I know, completely full of life!
I’d have to admit, it tugged on my heart strings when I heard Jenna speak her vows in English AND portuguese. They both said it that way, but her saying it was just breathtaking. You could hear the love and commitment in their voice during those moments and I’d have to say there were many tears in that santuary!

Jenna and Gustavo, the way you two GLOW around each other is incredible… and I am so thankful I was the one to capture it. Your love is so sweet and I am so excited for you two to look back at these images throughout the years, and always feel that same feeling and moment you were in. I seriously wish you both the best! Never stop whistling compliments at each other, and always add that little butt pinch when you pass by. It’s the little things that make love last. 😉

**second shooter: the lovely Laura!


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