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A gal from New York had moved to Florida a while back, where she met a strapping young man from Dubuque, Iowa who was stationed there. He saw a glowing difference in her, that he absolutely fell in love with.
Together they followed his work, where currently they live together in Puerto Rico as a handsome Coast Guard and a beautiful English Teacher! The days were full of major excitement as they traveled to Iowa to finally reunite with their families and dearest friends, as they committed their vows of love to each other.

Colt and Alyssa’s wedding was definitely a perfect one! Alyssa had the biggest support group of women at her side, who were all giddy enough as if it was their own wedding! Colt and his men were having a blast spending the weekend together, full of laughter and typical man goofiness. It was truly an honor to capture two people whom I had never met before, and be joined into the family for the day!

Their ceremony and reception was at the most breath-taking location at Oak Hill Weddings Venue in Illinois. A fabulous piece of land full of gorgeous spots for wedding guests and couples to enjoy! From the yard games, to the amazing appetizers during cocktail hour, the air filling with laughter and conversation, and the multiple areas of stunning landscaping; it was the true definition of a modern country theme. And personally, just what I LOVE! I am so grateful for the chance to experience their sweet love and the friendship they share with so many people! Enjoy!


Hair & Makeup: Kendra Aarhus
Flowers: Shelli with Hyvee
Dress: Watters
Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu
Venue: Oak Hill Weddings
Linens: BBJ Linens
Catering: Hyvee
DJ: Riniker Rhythm
Second Shooter: Makenna A. 


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