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I have to admit something…When I receive a wedding invitation or save the date in the mail from one of my bride and groom couples, they become my new favorite couple…at least until I receive the next one! ūüėČ ¬† Besides the fact that snail mail still warms your heart a little bit (you have to admit it! You know it makes your day), it’s really great receiving a wedding invitation that has been well thought out to give you a glimpse into the type of wedding you will be attending!¬†How will you know what to wear if you don’t know the style of wedding it will be?!

I have had some experience in the past, shopping for specific invitations to match the occassion I am planning. It’s so frustrating when all I find is so plain¬†and can’t be¬†customized to meet my needs.
So now, I’m collaborating with¬†Basic Invite¬†to open your eyes at¬†the importance in choosing your paper supplies wisely and the benefits that Basic Invite has to make the process¬†easy with a breath-taking outcome!

The fonts and colors on your paper supplies tell a lot about the style of your wedding, so it’s very important¬†when designing the invite for your guests. As a bride-to-be, picking your wedding colors is a top priority. It’s a big decision, and can be hard! You want everything about your wedding to match and “go” together. ¬†The last few years, color palets have expanded in ways we never thought of before, but the outcome has been beautiful! The struggle can be sticking with the colors you love if you can’t even find it when choosing your save-the-date’s or wedding invitations. Working with Basic Invite, you are not limited to what they have designed up. Once you find a layout you love, you can nearly change everything about it and that’s just PARTLY why they stand out over other companies! From the background, to any text, and even to the artwork already placed on the layout, there are well over a hundred colors and shades to choose from to make it “yours”!

It is super exciting seeing all your ideas and color palets come to life on the wedding day, but why wait till then?! This is my favorite part about Basic Invite! Although their website does so well at changing your edits as you make them so you can visualize what your paper product will look like, they understand visualizing is hard. So to help out, they have the option to SEND YOU your invitation before you even place the official order. The luxury to hold it in your hands, running your fingers across the paper quality and seeing how well those thought out color palets look, is such a huge advantage to make sure it meets your needs.  I LOVE THAT!

I’d love for you to go explore and play around with designing your wedding invitations or¬†save-the-date’s¬†to understand the thrill it is to see your creative ideas come to life before your eyes. Impress your guests, long before they step into your wedding venue, by giving Basic Invite the honor of being that “first impression” into your wedding!

Swirls-&-Arrows-1000 basic_invite_56 basic_invite_70basic_invite_24 basic_invite_31 basic_invite_46                                                                                                                *Photos courtesy of Basic Invite LLC.



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