Bric & Lindsay


My 2016 wedding season ended with a bang! I was so stoked to take on this NYE wedding and have had such a blast meeting and working with Lindsay and Bric. I may have thought you two were a little crazy when you booked me without ever meeting. Not even over the phone! (okay I didn’t think that. It was more of a crazy honor!)
We finally met up months later in Minneapolis close to where they reside, when we sat in the cutest wine bar and had a chat for maybe an hour, before trudging out into the dark cold for some sparkler photos for their save the dates! It was a great adventure shivering and trying to get those dang things lit.  So after being in front of my camera three seperate times in the last year, I have to say I hope it doesn’t end there!

I have LOVED every moment of seeing you two together. You both are so insanely genuine to each other and everyone around you. Your wedding day was cold, but you two braved it so positively! The whole day was so smooth and such a blast to be a part of. I witnessed first hand, the anticipation and emotions when you two saw each other all ready to go for the first time that day.
I could feel the love and support that Lindsay has for Bric, just through watching him read the letter she hand wrote out for him beforehand. It tugged at my heart as she poured out her feelings on that paper. I would have to say it tugged on his heart too.  And goodness Bric. You speak your heart to her every time you glance her way. No words needed. Although I’m sure she will want them, so don’t hold back on the verbal love. 😉

You both did a fabulous job planning this wedding at The Kirkwood Hotel, making sure all your guests were highly taken care of and appreciated, especially for choosing a holiday weekend to spend with you.  And major props for doing most of it long distance!!

I am SO grateful you both chose ME to capture your entire wedding day. It was a complete honor and I am so excited for you to see this little peek from the day, and I can’t wait for you to see all the rest! I hope you both really soak in these last few days of your honeymoon together, and that we get to cross paths again in the future! Much love to you both!!


Venue : The Hotel @ Kirkwood
Catering: The Hotel @ Kirkwood
Bridal Dress : Vera’s Bridal
Bridal Shoes : Michael Kors
Rings: Rogers & Hollands and Kays Jewelers
Flowers: Hyvee
Tuxes: Mens Warehouse
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
DJ:  Ultimate Entertainment
Videographer: Joshua Booth with Diamond Label
Ice Sculpture: CR Carvings


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