Kase & Paige

Des Moines Wedding

I first met Kase and Paige, moments after yelling and hollering at them from the bottom of the stairs. A very irregular way of meeting a couple of strangers, yes. But they had just unwrapped from a tight embrace, full of tears. But it was necessary, as she had a little weight on her left ring finger now.
Everyone thought I was a little crazy, for leaving an Iowa tailgate to go sneak up on a strangers proposal, but that’s what I live for. Ever since I was little, I knew making others happy and serving other people instead of myself is what I wanted to do.  And although at times I question how photography is relevant to that, I’d say that moment and many wedding days has it’s proof.

A few weeks afterwards as they enthusiastically started their wedding planning, I received the sweetest email that they wanted me to capture that day for them as well! It isn’t often that engaged couples wait on picking their date to make sure you are available for it, but when they do…MAN, it puts you on cloud NINE!

And their day was perfect! It was such a beautiful September day. The morning was full of anticipation, excitement, and tears as Paige’s dreams as a little girl were unfolding RIGHT before her eyes. I think it was hard to believe it was here, but she was so glad it was, with the man it was.
They decided to wait till the ceremony to reveal themselves to each other, and no one could NOT watch his eyes fill with tears as his stunning bride was escorted towards him.

With their best of friends and biggest supporters surrounding them, they exchanged their hearts to each other in the form of vows, and committed to life together.
I wish you both the BEST of life together. I pray you choose love towards each other every morning when you wake up, and extend that love throughout your dreams at night. Enjoy your long-awaited preview and I can’t wait for you to see the rest! Love you guys!

Wedding Dress: Pronovias
Bridesmaid Dresses/Tuxedos: Weddings by Design
Florals: The English Rose
Rings: Charles Ganske
DJ: Chaos Productions
Cake: Cache

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