5 Important Things to Remember the Week of Your Wedding

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5 Things to Remember The Week Of Your Wedding

Are you stuck trying to think of the things you need to remember the week of your wedding? You’ve been planning your big day for MONTHS (maybe even a few years). It’s no joke that every bride feels this way, and I am here to help you bring that list quite low!

Since I meet up with most girls mid morning, I witness often on what gets left behind or never thought of until it’s needed, and most of these could be simple things. Yet it can really put a damper on things and even affect the timeline if you’re not careful!
I’ve compiled mental notes over the years on what to remind others to consider. You can never read these tips enough, as every writer may have different suggestions. So I hope this is a helpful source for you as you jot down the things that are easily forgotten…


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 1) Leave the Groom’s ring with all your details for the photographer

Often times I start the wedding details and the Groom’s ring isn’t there! I don’t blame ANYONE for this because obviously it makes sense that he has it, and he’s usually at a separate location getting ready. But it’s one thing I’ve been learning to remind couples, because we want his ring to pair with all the details too! His rings just as important as hers. So keep this in mind when you’re collecting your details together for your photographer. I promise, it will be in his possession when he needs it!

2) Have the whole wedding party bring phone chargers to the reception

I asked some couples what they wish they had the day of, and this is one I’ve never thought of! At receptions, I’m not next to the party or couple as often as I am in earlier parts of the day, so I found this answer so helpful and interesting. You and your party will be running around all day, those dang photos are gonna get low and everyone needs them for the reception! So collect those chargers. 😉

3) Eyelash glue and Boob Tape!

This one is so common! Eyelashes don’t always stick well after leaving the salon unfortunately and I hear almost every wedding of someone looking for eyelash glue or asking someone to run to the store.
And that dang boob tape. Girls! I wish I had the perfect brand for you. It breaks my heart that a lot of this tape isn’t great quality and leaves the girls struggling to make it stick. So don’t just bring some tape, bring a FEW different brands so you can test which one will be best for your dress’s material!


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4) A comfortable pair of shoes for your reception

Your feet will love you. Enough said.

5) Have a personal attendant to run around FOR you

You don’t need to stress the day of. You have a busy time ahead of you! Getting pampered, going straight into photos and marrying the love of your life. There’s details to figure out ALL day but you shouldn’t be the one answering all the questions, even though it’s you that planned. Whether you have a wedding planner or not, have a personal assistant AT your side until you need her to do something. She can hang on to your phone or give the wedding planner/decorations HER number instead of yours. You’re not on call girl. You’re a bride!

I hope these helped you with a few more things to remember the week of your wedding! All I want is for every couple to have a special day, free of drama and stress. While your mind is planning hard now, another great read that could help you out is this post I wrote a while back. Worried you’ll regret not doing a specific thing after the wedding? This post touches on the top regrets, straight from my bride’s lips.

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