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Are you feeling heavy trying to think of EVERYTHING during your wedding planning?
I’ve asked other brides to partake in helping with this post, so here’s five main things you will want to consider doing for your wedding so you end the day with little to no regrets!

  1. Making time for sunset portraits…

    This is a big one! I had a lot of brides tell me this is what they would have done differently while wedding planning. There are reasons why some had not done it, and if you plan accordingly, you can avoid those reasons as well. Some couples had a reception location that didn’t allow for a quick escape, or more importantly, a pretty area right outside the venue that would work for those yummy golden hour portraits.

    Most times this venue would be a hotel in the middle of a city. You could always make some extra time to get down to the lobby, outside and maybe even a short walk or drive a few blocks away to where more light may break through.

    Perhaps even before entering the reception at the very beginning, take some extra portraits, just the two of you, at a gorgeous location. There’s a high chance the light is completely different between this time and the time you had earlier in the day, so if you know it will be too hard to leave the reception and find a good spot, getting some more photos done before walking in could end up being one of your favorite parts of the day!

    Another reason this may not always be a priority is simply not understanding that it is OKAY to disappear away from the party guests and have 10 more minutes to yourselves, while having your photographer capture some intimate moments. If it’s timed right, your guests will hardly notice you’re gone as they mingle or enjoy the dance floor! It’s YOUR day and your guests will respect any decision you make in that regard.

  2. Hiring a videographer…

    This is another huge one! Video is a lot more popular now with more of the cinematic, story-telling style. You may say to yourself that you’ll never watch it after the first time. You can’t “print” your wedding video. That’s completely fair! But there is something so magical about the movement in videos, and hearing people’s voices. Seeing the emotion live vs just through photos…you won’t ever regret hiring a videographer and I believe that speaks volumes. Photography I would say is higher priority, but if you can fit it in the budget, video is the next best thing.

    Golden hour portrait of bride and groom at Carper Vineyard and Winery

  3.  A Wedding Album…

    Raise your hand if at one point in life you’ve said “I’ll just do it myself, and save money”! Holy goodness, I can’t even tell you how many times this has been me. And I’m just one person! You would think I’d have all the time in the world and have it at high priority…but life just gets busy for us all.

    Not ordering prints or an album from your photographer ends up being a big regret because as much as you say you’ll do it yourself, those photos will likely sit in a folder on your computer for months, if not years. Those frames you purchased that were too perfect to pass up, will lean up against your wall, wishing to be filled with a sweet memory and hung up.
    In this day and age, it’s common that we pay a few extra dollars for convenience. To make our personal work-load LESS and get what we want quick. Ordering an album prior to your wedding is an incredible convenience to you and a wonderful investment.

  4. Alone time with your spouse…

    This one may sound odd. I mean, you’re getting married and the whole day is revolved around the BOTH of you. But I have heard this and here are a few reasons why. You know how you go to a family holiday and it’s just such a busy time catching up with everyone and trying to get around to each person to chat and spend time together?! Then maybe you leave with your partner and realize “oh hey, I’ve hardly spent time with YOU today”.  It’s a LOT like that.

    You’re hosting a massive party for your closest friends and family, so you are very intentional on welcoming them or spend time with them! While doing this, it’s common for you and your spouse to have different friends, and you both end up in different parts of the room.

    Another reason this happens is choosing not to do a first look. Most ceremonies are scheduled to start somewhere between 2-4pm. This means you’re spending HALF the day hiding away from your love. That’s totally fine! I won’t tell you whether choosing to keep with traditions is right or wrong, but sometimes when we decide on waiting till the ceremony before seeing each other, we forget this also means you’re spending half your own wedding day apart. It just depends on how you look at it.

    So the solution? No matter how you plan the first part of your day, intentionally put aside five or ten minutes aside later in the day just the two of you. No planner, No photographer around. Just hang out and soak it all in.

  5. Eat that cake…

You heard that right! You spent the money and you did the tastings, trying to make the perfect choice. So girl, get a good plate of that cake and enjoy it!

Was this helpful for you? Consider these things when you’re wedding planning and if they’re important for you both.
I wrote another helpful article for you, on some important things that get forgetting OFTEN the week of your wedding. Give it a read!

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