Kaleb & Mollie – Temple of Performing Arts


If you put the sweetest, most selfless disney princess in a room next to the most charming, respectable prince, you get Mollie and Kaleb. I feel as if I write anything about them, it will be too similar to the multiple speeches that were given about them during the wedding toasts, yet these words I have had planned out and in my heart for a while now. It only goes to show you that everyone they come across are touched by their loving personalties and rare, pure souls.

When the three of us met last year, it was an instant friendship as if we’ve known each other for years! A quick decision turned into a year of excitement to reach their wedding day! It was a chilly December day, as expected, but without any snow. We got a little surprise after the cermony to walk outside while it was sprinkling, yet it made up for some beautiful portraits!  This was probably the most fun I have had at a wedding in a long time, with everyone so laid back, a bride that was like a friend, awesome vendors to be working alongside and a day that could hardly go smoother! It was a true blast to be a part of it.

Mollie and Kaleb opted to not see each other beforehand, but had plenty of moments that made it feel like they were right next to each other through letters and gifts. The suspension was high as her fathers escorted her down the aisle, closer and closer to him. There was hardly a dry eye anywhere in the room.  Not just because it was a wedding where tears tend to be shed, but because these two are insanely perfect for each other and highly deserved those moments that they experienced. With Kaleb choking back his own tears as he finally saw her for the first time that day, no one else could help it. You could see and feel the love. And it was spectacular!
Set in the beautiful hall at the Temple of Performing Arts, they danced and laughed the night away with their greatest friends and family. One of the most memorable moments I would have to say is during Kaleb’s dance with his mom. It was a sweet dance, where you could tell she was overwhelmed with how great her son had turned out. Yet halfway through the song, she started to part away from him and reached across the dancefloor for the new bride. You could hear a very low but obvious gasp or “awe” from everyone as she replaced her spot on the dancefloor with her new daughter-in-law. It pulled at the heart strings!

Kaleb and Mollie, I hope your children grow up with the same love and positivity as you two, because we need more people like you to give us hope in this world! Congratulations on your marriage and I truly wish you both the happiest life! Thank you for being the wonderful people you both are and THANK YOU for choosing me to capture this great day for you!



Venue: Temple of Performing Arts

Second Shooter: Laura Nichole 

Bridesmaid Dresses: Etsy

Bride’s Dress: Bridal Boutique

Bridal Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Hair:  Salon Spa W

Makeup: Vanity & Glamour

Tuxes: McLovin’

Catering: Cateringdsm

DJ/Band: Multiphonic

Videographer: The Vine Productions

Cake: Creme

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