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There was a sense of anticipation. Everyone glanced around with smiles on their faces, silently saying hello to friends they were just noticing but hadn’t had a chance to hug yet. He stood there waiting for that first glimpse of his best friend.
Comfortably packed in a quaint chapel, everyone watched…and then glowed…as Emily came through the door. He had been waiting all day…wait…YEARS..for this very moment. She is drop dread gorgeous on her worst day, how could it get better? But it did. A stunning bride finally in front of their closest friends back in Iowa, Emily and Josh quoted their vows, exchanged rings, and began their forever together.

Last year, we began their engagement session on her Grandma’s land, literally like twenty minutes after meeting.. Putting a stranger in front of the camera is a challenge usually, but I knocked on the door and received a HUG…so as you can imagine, it was one of the easiest shoots ever.  Emily and Josh are two of the sweetest, most genuine couples I have ever met. She glows with joy, he glows with his handsome looks, and the two of them just purely enjoy life together in every way.
No one expected the end of September to be in the mid 90’s, but I never heard one complaint. I listened for it all day. It wasn’t a day focused on sweating or feeling gross. It was about them! And that’s all anyone cared about. You can see a lot of character in someone, by looking at who their friends are. And I must say, you both have one great group of friends. Everyone was so sweet, helpful and supportive. I don’t have to tell you that you are blessed.
Emily and Josh, I can’t WAIT to get all these photos back to you but hope you can enjoy this small glimpse from your beautiful day! God bless you both in life and your marriage!

Bride Dress: Bridal Boutique
Bride Shoes: Aldo 
Hair & Makeup: Thompson & Co. Salon
Bride’s Necklace & Earrings: Jared Galleria of Jewelry
Tuxedos/Suits: Men’s Warehouse 
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal 
Florals: The English Rose 
DJ: Scott Tudor Entertainment 
Catering: Orchard Green Restaurant and Lounge 
Invitation/Paper Supplies: The Printable Shop
Rings: Henri Daussi
Cake: DeLuxe Bakery

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