Summer Wedding at Holiday Inn Des Moines | Kelsey & John | Annaberry Images


John and Kelsey..Ohh goodness where to begin! I feel like there’s not a lot I can say because these photos say it all. These two are completely, hands down, one of the sweetest and most genuine duo you can come across. Their wedding day was PERFECT. Not because the weather was nice, and everything was on time and went smoothly all day…although those things do matter and do help a lot. But being surrounded by such a great crowd of friends and family? Being loved on ALL day from people who sincerely were ecstatic for them and this new chapter in their life? THAT made it perfect. The emotions were flowing all day and it’s honestly such a pleasure being around happiness that is sincere, strong, and visible.

I am absolutely honored to have been a part of this and to get the chance to document the love you two share. You radiate with joy, so don’t lose that, as that’s exactly what gives us all hope in the future. You both are incredibly perfect for each other, and I am cheering you on as you enjoy marriage together.
Here’s just a small glimpse of all this love and happiness from a beautiful wedding day. đŸ™‚  Congratulations you two!!

Reception Venue: Holiday Inn
Hair & Makeup: Salon Vici
Flowers: Emily Naylor & Holly Reid
Rings: Josephs
Bride’s Dress: Bridal Extraordinaire
Bride’s Shoes: Nina
Tuxedos: The Backroom
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
DJ: A Special Event 
Second Shooting: Laura Nichole
Invitations/Programs: VistaPrint
Cake: Mimi’s Sweet Cakes & Bakes
Catering: Holiday Inn

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DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0206 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0205 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0207DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0238

DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0226 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0225 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0224 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0222 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0223 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0220 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0237 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0227 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0250 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0208 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0241 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0234 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0235 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0242 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0236 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0233 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0228 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0230 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0251 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0229 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0218 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0247 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0217 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0231 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0248 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0249 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0201 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0243 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0209 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0202 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0200 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0215 DesMoinesIowaWeddings_0221

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