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Engagement Portraits

So in love with this engagement photo shoot I shot during the summer out at Jester Park!

The session started off with an experience I’ve never gone through before that I can remember. There was no rain in the forecast, yet the sky got darker as we drove to the first location at Jester Park, and about 10 photos in…it was down-pouring! Luckily, we got back to the cars safely without damage to Rachel’s hair or either of their outfits! It was then a waiting game until the storm passed (and lots of radar watching to see if it would even stop!).

Afterwards, a mist appeared on the pond from the storm and it was surreal to capture photos near that. Everything was so peaceful since most people had left and we had the place to ourselves.

Chris and Rachel are a blast to be around. But more so, they flow together SO well and you can tell their relationship is genuine. Makes my job so easy. You can also find these two featured in my Engagement Gallery, full of so many more beautiful couples!

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