Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens | A Floral Inspired Wedding


A Floral Inspired Wedding at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens

What a great day this was! Dan and Edee are straight up classy and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them.

They really focused on them when planning their wedding, and instead of following the “norm”, really twisted things into the perfect way of what was truly them.

After a sweet, heart-felt ceremony led by a close friend of theirs, the guests were graced with a “wine” ceremony as they showed their family and friends a unique way of opening an aged bottle of wine from Portugal, necessary when wine is stored on it’s side so air passes through the cork, aging it over years. A second bottle of wine was of course, locked away with their vows to later be opened years down the road. Awesome right?! 

Along with a boutenierre station and photo booth for their guests, they ended the night with just a few dances and allowed themselves to enjoy all those that came out to celebrate them, over a whiskey and cheese tasting. How fun!

This was such a fun wedding to be a part of, and excited to show you all these details the vendors all came through with to make it a stunning collaboration! 


Venue: Greater Botanical Garden
Florals: Bella Flora 
Cake: Trellis Cafe
Hair: Caitlin Rasmussen 
Photographer: Annaberry Images


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