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We say it every year, but this year honestly has flown by! It’s a strange, and almost unwanted feeling. It is hard to embrace life, especially when you consume your days in work, and then realize another year has come and gone! But it is so refreshing, and exciting to take time to look back on a whole year and re-live some moments you forgot have happened!

2018 was my first year in business WITHOUT another job and income. I am so so grateful for everything this year brought business-wise, and truly thank God for it, because I know it was Him bringing in work almost last minute that I needed to provide for myself, yet didn’t expect one bit. The beginning of this year didn’t look too promising, but I was hopeful it would all work out, and it has become my most profitable year yet! Thank you Jesus! And thank you to my wonderful, loyal clients and friends who have made it happen. I am ecstatic to preserve these memories for you all and capture the emotion between your loved ones. It is the best job in the world and I am excited to see how the new year pans out 🙂
With that, I’ve put together a few of my favorite images from each wedding this year to close out. I have slacked really bad in blogging this year, and hope to catch up on at least a few weddings over the winter. But here we are! Just a preview from what it all looked like, as far as weddings go! This year, weddings took me from the top of Michigan in St. Ignace all the way down to Cancun Mexico!
Congratulations to all these sweet couples! I loved looking back and sometimes can’t believe some of these were even from this year. It seems like forever ago already! Cheers to 2019, a year to love more, judge less, and keep Christ centered every day! – xoxo





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