We say it every year, but this year honestly has flown by! It’s a strange, and almost unwanted feeling. It is hard to embrace life, especially when you consume your days in work, and then realize another year has come and gone! But it is so refreshing, and exciting to take time to look back […]

Dec 31, 2018


Ohh Brian and Meredith. Where do I even begin? I know you know this, but your wedding was a stunning, well-planned, perfect day. It felt great being able to be there to document it all, and let you both enjoy the day with your best of friends and close family. I LOVED every single part […]

Dec 4, 2016


When I think of the wonderful people I have met lately, these two are far up that list. Tia and Grant blew me away with how genuinely nice they are. We connected immediately when meeting and were so sure to choose me for their day that they planned their wedding day according to MY availability. […]

Oct 25, 2016


Laughter. Pure Joy. Beauty. Grace. These are words that define Crystal. A sweet, spunky and beautiful woman living in the fabulous area of Iowa City. A place where she loved to hang out with friends, and during college days, play some yard games. One in fact, being frisbee. But even though height has been good […]

May 23, 2016


the list

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