2017 Wedding Couples


Jan 3, 2018

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2017 was a great year! I had the honor of meeting so many absolutely sweet people, capturing memories for them and making their love stand still in time through images! Somehow..each year..I am fortunate to meet new people that not only are super genuine human beings, but become dear friends who cheer me on with my business while I cheer them on in their marriage. It’s a really great thing. It’s these people that give me hope in the human race. These people who make the long hours and sore feet totally worth it!
This year I was also really fortunate to meet a lot of new families, and young adults to capture photos for as well! It was a BLAST and I love it all. For now though, I’m just showing off the gorgeous bride and grooms who are out there enjoying marriage life with each other!
A few months ago, I took the leap and went into business full time. So I’m really REALLY hoping this year will bring twice as much, since I have intentionally given myself that much more time to invest in my clients lives and memories and have them be higher priority since it wasn’t as possible in the past. I’m SO excited for that and can’t wait to see how 2018 turns out!
So for now, we get to sit back and look at all these awesome faces again!

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This post seems SO strange, because there’s so many more weddings that are still so fresh in my memory that it feels like they were in 2017 too! How did it go by so fast?! I still obsess over many past weddings and couples. Feel free to enjoy those as well here!