2017 Behind the Camera


Dec 30, 2017

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IT’S TIME! I can’t help but have this post every year as one of my favorites! No, I’m not super vain and want to throw my face at you about 50 times. Because let’s be real… These are not attractive moments! And most of the time when we’re testing shots, I don’t even TRY to look good. Which is so much worse.. These are the in between, super sweaty and exhausted, “anxiety meter jumping all around” moments. But also the joyful, “goofy because we’re on 4 hours of sleep”, “man these people look gooood” moments.
If I’m being honest, a small favorite of mine looking at these is knowing what outfits worked and which ones I really need to throw out immediately. My FAVORITE thing about this however is that it really takes me back, remembering each wedding like it was yesterday and how much fun it was and is every time. Remembering my absolutely fabulous and sweet clients that I wish would just have another wedding for the heck of it, so we can all hang out again! And remembering my sweet, beautiful second shooter-turned friends that make this blog post beautiful every single year.

We get so busy during a wedding that we forget to actually take shots of each other in action, so I really wish there was more to put here. But this is what I got! So goals for next year, is to get more ninja with each other without slacking on our main job! 😉   To look cuter and more put together at each wedding, and to actually smile like a normal person.   Haha! Cheers to 2018 guys! I can’t believe it’s upon us but I’m so looking forward to it. Thank you to these girls and all my couples that have made this SUCH a good year!

Cheers to these ladies :  LauraGabiAnnaTori
w/ special appearance: Rick

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